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DMS DJ Promixer 2.0

Play and mix music and become the soul of the party with this program
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Music is an integral part of any party. This free program lets you play and mix music to become the soul of the party. It has two separate decks that can play different songs at the same time. You can synchronize them so their beat matches, or increase or decrease the beats per minute to make creative mixes. The program also lets you modify the pitch of the songs and take samples from them. You can also add scratch and other effects.

An interesting feature is the possibility of downloading music from YouTube videos. You only need to select the relevant option from the lower-left panel and paste the video URL. The program will download the audio of that video automatically. This opens many new possibilities to your mixes. Also, the program includes a couple of tracks that you can use to start experimenting.

A drawback I found is that, although the program has a nice interface, some of its functions are hard to see, for example, the video download feature. Also, it does not have a built-in Help file; you need to download it from the developer's website. Other than that, it is a good starter program that you can use to create and mix music at parties or by yourself.

The free version of the program can be used without any limits, although it has only basic functions. If you like the program but want more advanced functions, there is also a paid-based full version available at the developer's website.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is a very complete DJ program
  • It has a nice interface
  • You can download the audio track from YouTube videos


  • The free version has only basic functions
  • It is not very easy to use. Some of the options are hard to see in the interface
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